Sunday, October 10, 2010

From the road

I've realized that I'm not crazy about large dirty tourist cities that are very westernized. It's not what I expected which I disappointing because I've heard so much about the heart of Europe.
I have had a great time here. It's a very unique place where you can see the fusion of the communist, baroque and gothic eras. It's a huge step from KBH. It's much dirtier here and it seems larger. It's not really larger, but there's something about this place that sets it drastically apart from KBH. It's really bad if I can't see myself living here or visiting again. I desperately want to like Prague. I did enjoy the Gothic aspects of the city as well as the art nouveau of Mucha. 
Old Town Hall

Prague's Gothic Cathedral within the Palace

Right now we are on our way to Lidice (a location of nazi revenge) and then to Ĩesky Krumlov (a sleepy town on the southern part of CR).

Did I tell you, we stopped in Dresden, Germany! It was beautiful. I wish we could have spent more time there.  

Back from Lidicie, where I modeled for a Czech newspaper. The only day I look like a bum :)
The memorial site was very fitting for the story. Like all Nazi crimes, this was prized by the reich after the death of hitler's second in command by Czech parachuters from GB. The memorial is the town as the Nazis left it there are still old farm walls abd foundations of a baroque church. 

There's an awing statue of the children deported from the town. 

There's a mass grave marked by  a gaint wooden cross and barbed wire in a circle.


Now were going to Krumlov to learn more about the German wild transports (post WWII) and the Munich Betrayal which gave Hitler the Sudetenland. 

We're only in Krumlov for a day and then we go back to Kobenhavn. 

Krumlov is amazing!!! Beautiful. This is what I wanted when I thought of Prague. It really reminds me of Dubrovnik. I can't help but take a ton of pictures here. It's so much better than Prague! 

Krumlov Castle at Night

Medieval Frescoes Uncovered

Medieval Sun Dial- only an hour off

Overlooking the town

The Rosenbergs kept bears at the castle to connect themselves with the ancient Roman family Ursa . 

The Royal Gardens

I always knew I was a Princess

More Photos from Prague

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