Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disjointed Entry

People watching is the great pastime ever.  I don't remember having this much fun in America doing it. maybe it's the fact I'm in a train station waiting for my train home. People are crazy-- sociology makes so much sense now!
I'm just getting back from a class social in the byen (city). I can't believe it's winding down.

This week we are making Thanksgiving. A friend is having her husband come up from Germany and bring American food we can't find here. Hopefully, some Danes will partake in the festivities :-)  We are making a huge feast (yay leftovers!). I think we are also going to take a trip to visit Ariel in Nyhavn. The little Mermaid arrived back to KBH last Saturday and I need to get a picture of it for Dr. Furey! I promise I haven't forgotten about Wooster. I mean, I do miss Woo, but I can't leave my friends here too! People should just visit me here! I mean everyone one should get out of the country so why not bring Wooster to me!
 I kinda realize I'm asking too much but...
I didn't realize how much I'd miss DK until I got back from my two week break. I feel more at home in Hillerød than I do in Wooster which is pretty sad when you look at the amount of time here... Oh well...here's the train. 

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sorry I haven't updated! I'm in Germany now and leaving to Holland tomorrow! I'll tell you all about it!
I'm currently traveling up the Rhine. I'm on my way to Düsseldorf and Köln. This is practice for the train ride to Amsterdam. For the past few days I've seen Frankfurt, Koblenz and Mainz. I'm actually visiting a childhood friend that I haven't seen in ten years. It's not too awkward. Its working out pretty well. She lives in Mainz very close to Roman   (Römer) ruins and the city center. I can't imagine what Paris is like because this area of the Rhine is very romantic. I would certainty come here for a honeymoon :-) or to get married in the Köln Cathedral. Gothic architecture at it's best! Seeing this church is the whole reason for this trip. Düsseldorf is just a bonus and maybe I'll meet a dwarf (reference to Regina Spektor).

Of course I miss Denmark and Grundtvigs. these past few weeks since my last entry have been phenomenal!!! Not only has school picked up but I'm much closer with some of the students at the højskole. I wish I said the whole year or at least until January! Christmas in Denmark looks so enticing. Maybe if I learn Danish, I can study special education and inclusion in Kobenhavn or Aalborg.

Thats a pretty big dream.

Hours later...
Düsseldorf was awful and they have awful postcards.

Köln rocks. I want to come back here. I've never just sat in a church but theres something about this cathedral that made me. I feel so small right now and I couldn't feel happier to be here alone. I like this feeling.

I decided to walk around Köln and found this Tibetian shop. The owner was so nice and of course I told him about my dearest old roommate. I bought a crappy sticker- I needed to buy something from him. Köln is phenomenal! Must see!!

Next stop Amsterdam and maybe Belgium...Waffles!!!!!!

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