Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Weds

It’s my last onsdag in Denmark. This occasion is marked by a day trip to see an amazing person. I am currently on a train to Århus on Jutland (Danmark's mainland). I'm visiting my friend Mette who lived at the højskole with me. I'm not sure what to expect. Mette and I only really talked at the parties and it was usually about a certain Dane or American. So this should be entertaining! I wish I spent more with her. It still feels like I have plenty of time with the Danes. It hasn't hit yet. I'm leaving this pancake flat land on Saturday. I need more time-- I’m just starting to recognize some town names like Horsens and Veijen where other friends live.
 It's such a special place...that is really the only way I can describe it. Oh Jutland, why haven't I visited more! [It would be amazing to go to grad school here. It would be perfect for linguistics… Or, not study at all so I can try Broadway lol (not likely)]
I know your thinking, day trip don't you attend school?!
Well, this trip is 3 hours both ways so I have plenty of time to study…I’m sure I won't study as much as I should but at least I get points for thinking about studying! Anyway, thinking about studying is more productive than me being on the computer not writing a paper. Plus ,last week I had so much work that I never had time to really say goodbye to the Danes. (Did I mention most of them are in Istanbul?) Therefore, I need a break.

on my way back. What a day. We spent 3 hours at a café talking about the høj and life. I hope she comes to visit the US. She doesn’t have a choice! She has two people to visit her current beau and me :) I'm really glad I got out of Copenhagen and got to hear her opinions about the hojskole. She validated what I pretty much thought about my time there. It was time for the love fest to end but it's not time to leave Danmark. Overall, this trip has been therapeutic. As much as I love telling my friends at home about my experiences here, there are so many aspects that I will not be able to translate into American. How can you translate a hojskole feel? I just spent a whole semester in a Danish social experiment. That's a college essay starter.
But really,  even to my friends traveling Europe, Danmark is so strange that to explain Zealand  is near impossible. So, it was great to talk to a Dane about a Dane and have a briefing on this whole semester. [Dad, she even told me I'd love India]

gahhh, I'm going to miss this so much. I'm going to have to try harder to keep in contact with my Danish friends-- I'm awful at emailing and staying in touch. Must not be lazy, Lindsey!!

Mental note: Need to remember to get her email.

In other news:
I have around 1000 photos from my good camera. I have a ton to look at and of course post when I get home to better internet.
I have so much to do. I need to call Wooster and work ew...Mmm maybe I should start reading for my Muslims more hour until central station.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Last Week

Denmark Good Bye
Sunday: Hamlet Castle and Market
Monday: Germany & Jutland Trip
Tuesday: Christiania Christmas Market
Weds: The Etruscan Paper
Thursday: Study Islam
Friday: Exam
                             Final Ceremony
                                DIS Farewell Party
Saturday: Plane at 1:20

Old Post That I Found :-)

Sorry! I have been so MIA for the last bit of my travels. I have had so much work here, and it is not the type of work I'm use to doing. This work is more analyze this story point out yet theme etc stuff, which I haven't done since maybe high school!

Anyway, my life so far has been okay. We made a great thanksgiving dinner for the 15 Americans and certain Danish guests. It was a very long day to say the least. I got out of class at 1, home by 2:30 and didn’t leave the kitchen until 7 or 8. It was one of the best thanksgivings I’ve cooked (it was also my first without my family). Now I can honestly say I am ready to head back to America and unwind. I really missed greens at thanksgiving this year. I didn't even try to look for them in Copenhagen. This week I also learned that I might trust people too much or I'm too open. I'm not sure what I learned but I know it was something important haha. 

Overall, I wouldn't change anything about my time here but it's really time to go. Thankfully probably isn't the right word but it will have to do, I leaving the 18th. I think I'm finally a little homesick but I'm sure it will fade after Xmas and then I'll have to go back to Wooster. I just really want to sleep in my own bed and see my family and friends at woo.
Back to the present, on Friday I am going to see the little mermaid finally and then possibly planning a trip to Germany to use my rail passes. On Saturday, it's family day so I will be heading up to hamlets Castle to see a Christmas market! Maybe I'll actually complete some souvenir shopping? (Of course, I will be doing some serious work of the weekend...yay finals)

I think that's it. If I have time, I might write another post about Jul/ Danish Xmas

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disjointed Entry

People watching is the great pastime ever.  I don't remember having this much fun in America doing it. maybe it's the fact I'm in a train station waiting for my train home. People are crazy-- sociology makes so much sense now!
I'm just getting back from a class social in the byen (city). I can't believe it's winding down.

This week we are making Thanksgiving. A friend is having her husband come up from Germany and bring American food we can't find here. Hopefully, some Danes will partake in the festivities :-)  We are making a huge feast (yay leftovers!). I think we are also going to take a trip to visit Ariel in Nyhavn. The little Mermaid arrived back to KBH last Saturday and I need to get a picture of it for Dr. Furey! I promise I haven't forgotten about Wooster. I mean, I do miss Woo, but I can't leave my friends here too! People should just visit me here! I mean everyone one should get out of the country so why not bring Wooster to me!
 I kinda realize I'm asking too much but...
I didn't realize how much I'd miss DK until I got back from my two week break. I feel more at home in Hillerød than I do in Wooster which is pretty sad when you look at the amount of time here... Oh's the train. 

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sorry I haven't updated! I'm in Germany now and leaving to Holland tomorrow! I'll tell you all about it!
I'm currently traveling up the Rhine. I'm on my way to Düsseldorf and Köln. This is practice for the train ride to Amsterdam. For the past few days I've seen Frankfurt, Koblenz and Mainz. I'm actually visiting a childhood friend that I haven't seen in ten years. It's not too awkward. Its working out pretty well. She lives in Mainz very close to Roman   (Römer) ruins and the city center. I can't imagine what Paris is like because this area of the Rhine is very romantic. I would certainty come here for a honeymoon :-) or to get married in the Köln Cathedral. Gothic architecture at it's best! Seeing this church is the whole reason for this trip. Düsseldorf is just a bonus and maybe I'll meet a dwarf (reference to Regina Spektor).

Of course I miss Denmark and Grundtvigs. these past few weeks since my last entry have been phenomenal!!! Not only has school picked up but I'm much closer with some of the students at the højskole. I wish I said the whole year or at least until January! Christmas in Denmark looks so enticing. Maybe if I learn Danish, I can study special education and inclusion in Kobenhavn or Aalborg.

Thats a pretty big dream.

Hours later...
Düsseldorf was awful and they have awful postcards.

Köln rocks. I want to come back here. I've never just sat in a church but theres something about this cathedral that made me. I feel so small right now and I couldn't feel happier to be here alone. I like this feeling.

I decided to walk around Köln and found this Tibetian shop. The owner was so nice and of course I told him about my dearest old roommate. I bought a crappy sticker- I needed to buy something from him. Köln is phenomenal! Must see!!

Next stop Amsterdam and maybe Belgium...Waffles!!!!!!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

From the road

I've realized that I'm not crazy about large dirty tourist cities that are very westernized. It's not what I expected which I disappointing because I've heard so much about the heart of Europe.
I have had a great time here. It's a very unique place where you can see the fusion of the communist, baroque and gothic eras. It's a huge step from KBH. It's much dirtier here and it seems larger. It's not really larger, but there's something about this place that sets it drastically apart from KBH. It's really bad if I can't see myself living here or visiting again. I desperately want to like Prague. I did enjoy the Gothic aspects of the city as well as the art nouveau of Mucha. 
Old Town Hall

Prague's Gothic Cathedral within the Palace

Right now we are on our way to Lidice (a location of nazi revenge) and then to česky Krumlov (a sleepy town on the southern part of CR).

Did I tell you, we stopped in Dresden, Germany! It was beautiful. I wish we could have spent more time there.  

Back from Lidicie, where I modeled for a Czech newspaper. The only day I look like a bum :)
The memorial site was very fitting for the story. Like all Nazi crimes, this was prized by the reich after the death of hitler's second in command by Czech parachuters from GB. The memorial is the town as the Nazis left it there are still old farm walls abd foundations of a baroque church. 

There's an awing statue of the children deported from the town. 

There's a mass grave marked by  a gaint wooden cross and barbed wire in a circle.


Now were going to Krumlov to learn more about the German wild transports (post WWII) and the Munich Betrayal which gave Hitler the Sudetenland. 

We're only in Krumlov for a day and then we go back to Kobenhavn. 

Krumlov is amazing!!! Beautiful. This is what I wanted when I thought of Prague. It really reminds me of Dubrovnik. I can't help but take a ton of pictures here. It's so much better than Prague! 

Krumlov Castle at Night

Medieval Frescoes Uncovered

Medieval Sun Dial- only an hour off

Overlooking the town

The Rosenbergs kept bears at the castle to connect themselves with the ancient Roman family Ursa . 

The Royal Gardens

I always knew I was a Princess

More Photos from Prague

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well, The last two weeks have been quite eventful.

Last week I spent in Prague and Cesky Krumlov.
The week before that I was pretty sick. (But, the Friday I was released, I got to see Swan Lake!)

Sorry for the gap of posts!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Danish Class Rocks

My Danish Teacher, Mette, is easily my favorite language teacher ever! She spends time on the culture of Danmark and doesn't fret about us writing an essay in Danish. Last week, she talked to use about Christiania. Started in an abandoned military barracks in the center of Copenhagen, Christiania is an autonomous community. Currently, the government (since 2004) is trying to normalize this freetown. This is the only place in the world were you can walk down the street and by hash from a vendor, and up until the 2000s, hard drugs (such as heroin) were rarely found on the the citizens of the town. Its a very hippie experience. I recently visited and found the area oddly beautiful. They have there own lake and the walls and houses are pieces of art alone.Also, this is probably one of few places that embraces multiculturalism. Everyone is so different there which is a change in DK. I really hope the government does not succeed in destroying the town; there is so much more to this town than just 'Pusher Street' (the hash vending street).

A Danish Singer named Nashaja Saad (mostly know in the States for Calabria 2007:) expressed her views on this new and warped Danmark in this Danish Regage song called Gi' mig Danmark tilbage(Give me back Denmark).

I'll post the translated lyrics later. Its easier to appreciate the song if you know what shes talking about...Some of the images used in this video relates to the traditional Danmark (Blue Skies and field). She is trying to show Denmark can still be Denmark with other cultures (counter to the Danish People's Party's Position - Anti immigration)

Overview and FCK v. Brøndby

Since I'm sick this weekend, I thought I should finally update. I've had so many entries planned but the longer I waited, the less relevant they seem.
So, this week, the Danes at Grundtvigs were in Prague. They're coming back tonight.

This week flew by
On Saturday, my house mate and I went to Malmo, Sweden and celebrated the weekend with the Danes. Malmo is only an 1 1/2 from where I live, so it was an nice relaxing day trip. I think I need one more trip over there before I can compare and contrast...What else to say

On Sunday 19-09-10, DIS danish classes took a massive field trip to the FCK (Football Club Copenhagen)v. Brøndby.
 This is the time where Danes go crazy and start riots and get arrested. It was amazing :) To set up this craziness- 19 people were arrested hours before the game started. I didn't know Copenhagen had police let alone a swat team train to take care of unruly soccer fanatics.
Just wait, it gets better! The Brøndby side starts the game off with flares and yellow smoke while FCK uses a collaged sign simply stating their greatness over the Bs. Brøndby litters the field with there pyrotechnics and the game starts...
Away Team's Fans

The Stadium was very smoky after the fire show

FCK side :)

Towards the end of the first and the beginning of the second half things are being constantly trown on to the field- halting the game at some points (not that I really paid attention to the field- the fans were almost more entertaining) Current score 1:0 FCK Leading.
On to the Second Half: Brøndby starts setting chairs on fire and yada, yada,yada. (Of course, the police are there). For a short time its calm, but then more cops arrive and havoc breaks loose! Fire, Cops, People running - this is when my friend and I decided to leave before it got worse.
Those who stayed told me, outside the stadium, there were riot dogs on the trains and in the streets...apparently, the cops were antagonistic... yada yada...

Overall, FCK won 2:0, 43 people were arrested, at least 600,000 kr worth of damage to the away section of the stadium and 58 people injured.

Wow Danmark, you remind me of the US everyday :)

(Maybe my next post will be about my adventure at Hillerød hospital)