Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disjointed Entry

People watching is the great pastime ever.  I don't remember having this much fun in America doing it. maybe it's the fact I'm in a train station waiting for my train home. People are crazy-- sociology makes so much sense now!
I'm just getting back from a class social in the byen (city). I can't believe it's winding down.

This week we are making Thanksgiving. A friend is having her husband come up from Germany and bring American food we can't find here. Hopefully, some Danes will partake in the festivities :-)  We are making a huge feast (yay leftovers!). I think we are also going to take a trip to visit Ariel in Nyhavn. The little Mermaid arrived back to KBH last Saturday and I need to get a picture of it for Dr. Furey! I promise I haven't forgotten about Wooster. I mean, I do miss Woo, but I can't leave my friends here too! People should just visit me here! I mean everyone one should get out of the country so why not bring Wooster to me!
 I kinda realize I'm asking too much but...
I didn't realize how much I'd miss DK until I got back from my two week break. I feel more at home in Hillerød than I do in Wooster which is pretty sad when you look at the amount of time here... Oh well...here's the train. 

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