Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Weds

It’s my last onsdag in Denmark. This occasion is marked by a day trip to see an amazing person. I am currently on a train to Århus on Jutland (Danmark's mainland). I'm visiting my friend Mette who lived at the højskole with me. I'm not sure what to expect. Mette and I only really talked at the parties and it was usually about a certain Dane or American. So this should be entertaining! I wish I spent more with her. It still feels like I have plenty of time with the Danes. It hasn't hit yet. I'm leaving this pancake flat land on Saturday. I need more time-- I’m just starting to recognize some town names like Horsens and Veijen where other friends live.
 It's such a special place...that is really the only way I can describe it. Oh Jutland, why haven't I visited more! [It would be amazing to go to grad school here. It would be perfect for linguistics… Or, not study at all so I can try Broadway lol (not likely)]
I know your thinking, day trip don't you attend school?!
Well, this trip is 3 hours both ways so I have plenty of time to study…I’m sure I won't study as much as I should but at least I get points for thinking about studying! Anyway, thinking about studying is more productive than me being on the computer not writing a paper. Plus ,last week I had so much work that I never had time to really say goodbye to the Danes. (Did I mention most of them are in Istanbul?) Therefore, I need a break.

on my way back. What a day. We spent 3 hours at a café talking about the høj and life. I hope she comes to visit the US. She doesn’t have a choice! She has two people to visit her current beau and me :) I'm really glad I got out of Copenhagen and got to hear her opinions about the hojskole. She validated what I pretty much thought about my time there. It was time for the love fest to end but it's not time to leave Danmark. Overall, this trip has been therapeutic. As much as I love telling my friends at home about my experiences here, there are so many aspects that I will not be able to translate into American. How can you translate a hojskole feel? I just spent a whole semester in a Danish social experiment. That's a college essay starter.
But really,  even to my friends traveling Europe, Danmark is so strange that to explain Zealand  is near impossible. So, it was great to talk to a Dane about a Dane and have a briefing on this whole semester. [Dad, she even told me I'd love India]

gahhh, I'm going to miss this so much. I'm going to have to try harder to keep in contact with my Danish friends-- I'm awful at emailing and staying in touch. Must not be lazy, Lindsey!!

Mental note: Need to remember to get her email.

In other news:
I have around 1000 photos from my good camera. I have a ton to look at and of course post when I get home to better internet.
I have so much to do. I need to call Wooster and work ew...Mmm maybe I should start reading for my Muslims more hour until central station.

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