Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Danish Class Rocks

My Danish Teacher, Mette, is easily my favorite language teacher ever! She spends time on the culture of Danmark and doesn't fret about us writing an essay in Danish. Last week, she talked to use about Christiania. Started in an abandoned military barracks in the center of Copenhagen, Christiania is an autonomous community. Currently, the government (since 2004) is trying to normalize this freetown. This is the only place in the world were you can walk down the street and by hash from a vendor, and up until the 2000s, hard drugs (such as heroin) were rarely found on the the citizens of the town. Its a very hippie experience. I recently visited and found the area oddly beautiful. They have there own lake and the walls and houses are pieces of art alone.Also, this is probably one of few places that embraces multiculturalism. Everyone is so different there which is a change in DK. I really hope the government does not succeed in destroying the town; there is so much more to this town than just 'Pusher Street' (the hash vending street).

A Danish Singer named Nashaja Saad (mostly know in the States for Calabria 2007:) expressed her views on this new and warped Danmark in this Danish Regage song called Gi' mig Danmark tilbage(Give me back Denmark).

I'll post the translated lyrics later. Its easier to appreciate the song if you know what shes talking about...Some of the images used in this video relates to the traditional Danmark (Blue Skies and field). She is trying to show Denmark can still be Denmark with other cultures (counter to the Danish People's Party's Position - Anti immigration)

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