Saturday, September 25, 2010

Overview and FCK v. Brøndby

Since I'm sick this weekend, I thought I should finally update. I've had so many entries planned but the longer I waited, the less relevant they seem.
So, this week, the Danes at Grundtvigs were in Prague. They're coming back tonight.

This week flew by
On Saturday, my house mate and I went to Malmo, Sweden and celebrated the weekend with the Danes. Malmo is only an 1 1/2 from where I live, so it was an nice relaxing day trip. I think I need one more trip over there before I can compare and contrast...What else to say

On Sunday 19-09-10, DIS danish classes took a massive field trip to the FCK (Football Club Copenhagen)v. Brøndby.
 This is the time where Danes go crazy and start riots and get arrested. It was amazing :) To set up this craziness- 19 people were arrested hours before the game started. I didn't know Copenhagen had police let alone a swat team train to take care of unruly soccer fanatics.
Just wait, it gets better! The Brøndby side starts the game off with flares and yellow smoke while FCK uses a collaged sign simply stating their greatness over the Bs. Brøndby litters the field with there pyrotechnics and the game starts...
Away Team's Fans

The Stadium was very smoky after the fire show

FCK side :)

Towards the end of the first and the beginning of the second half things are being constantly trown on to the field- halting the game at some points (not that I really paid attention to the field- the fans were almost more entertaining) Current score 1:0 FCK Leading.
On to the Second Half: Brøndby starts setting chairs on fire and yada, yada,yada. (Of course, the police are there). For a short time its calm, but then more cops arrive and havoc breaks loose! Fire, Cops, People running - this is when my friend and I decided to leave before it got worse.
Those who stayed told me, outside the stadium, there were riot dogs on the trains and in the streets...apparently, the cops were antagonistic... yada yada...

Overall, FCK won 2:0, 43 people were arrested, at least 600,000 kr worth of damage to the away section of the stadium and 58 people injured.

Wow Danmark, you remind me of the US everyday :)

(Maybe my next post will be about my adventure at Hillerød hospital)

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